ponpom and tassels

Pompoms & Tassels

It's safe to say that I love this seasons accessory trends. Bright bold colors, crazy textures and lots of movement. There is nothing basic or minimal about this look!

When I first saw D&G Spring/Summer 2016 collection I just died at how fabulous it was; the vibrant colors, the tassels and pompom and embellished sunglasses and shoes! I went on a mission to find similar items. I wore these pieces on my recent trip to Aruba and literally got non-stop compliments.

After such a long winter its nice to break into your summer accessories in a bold way!

  • pompom and tassels
  • pompom sandals
  • pompom sandals
  • pompom and tassels

Obsessed with both these places - so many options!

Shoes - Sandals of Love

Bag - JADEtribe

What do you think of these bold pieces for summer? Would you rock them?

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