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Aruba: Part II

After our long winters in Canada you really cannot beat the sounds of palm trees rustling in the wind and the waves crashing in to the shore.

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We had some great fresh fish during our time in Aruba. I pretty much consumed all the grouper ceviche and grilled shrimp possible until I was about to pop! Thankfully the only responsibility I had after eating was deciding if I should lounge under the umbrella with my book or in the water like a beached whale!

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While I did love our private little island filled with flamingos and lizards, I knew we had to visit Palm Beach up the road for one very important reason. Acai bowls! Pitaya Bowls! Maca Bowls! If you go to Aruba you need to visit Eduardo's Beach Shack for some deliciously healthy to-pretty-to-eat-without-instagraming-first bowls! They also make smoothies and no-bake vegan energy balls. Such a great mid-day snack to take a break from all the sugary drinks.

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For this trip I brought with me Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I've been meaning to read it forever and so happy I finally got around to reading it. A perfect vacation read - funny, light, and glamorous beyond what ones imagination can conceive! Are there really people this rich in Singapore???

Sound track to this vacation would have to have been One Dance - Drake ....had that on repeat!!