Valentine's Day DIY Gift

DIY: Valentine's Day Flip-book

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while you may think it's too late to make your partner something sweet and original- that is not the case.

Since Valentine's rides on the curtails of Christmas which inevitably results in giving a number of commercial gifts and some overspending I personally have always thought the best Valentine's gift is something homemade and sentimental.

This Valentine Flip-book can be done at after one quick trip to the dollar store, at home and under a few hours for less than $10.00! In fact you probably already have most of the supplies you'll need.

For the photoshoot:

  • Canon Rebel T3i – set on continuous shooting mode. Using a countdown also helps
  • Camera stand
  • 4 sheets of white 8 1/2 by 11″ paper to make the signs that you hold – I did mine in a Word document in pink writing (Page 1 – a Heat, Page 2- I, Page 3- Love, Page 4- You).
  • I choose to wear a red top and red lipstick in keeping with Valentines.
  • Make sure your camera is in the proper position before you start shooting (Note: It helps if your actually a little off center with more space to your right, if your looking into camera, because you need to clip the flip-book on its side anyways)
  • When the camera starts shooting start going through the signs. Remember to smile and keep your eyes open ;). Have patience with this. My camera only take up to 10 pictures on this setting so it took around 3-4 rounds to go through all the signs/blow a kiss etc. Don ’t rush through or else your signs will be blurry.

For the book:

  • Upload all your photos to your photo editing software and make the necessary edits.
  • After you selected all the pictures you would like to use in the book print them out on computer paper (I chose glossy, 5 by 3 photo size.
  • You should have between 30 to 50 pictures. If you have less then make doubles.
  • From here cut them all out and arrange them in the appropriate order so that the book flows.
  • Bring the photos together to make the flip book and clip on the left side with clip. I choose two small red binder clips as the color worked well and did not distract from the photos.
  • Finally tie some festive Valentine’s ribbon about the flip-book to add to the presentation

Note: At the back of my flip-book I cut out a blank card in the same size and wrote a little note to my special Valentine and used this to serve as my card. I thought it was a nice touch and can easily be removed later on if you want to show off your book!

Side note: what I also love about this gift is that you can adapt so many ways. You can customize your signs to anything, even make it funny like an inside joke. Also, wouldn't this be a cute way to announce your engagement or if you were pregnant? Endless possibilities!!

Happy Day of Love

  • Valentine's Day DIY Gift
  • Valentine's Day DIY Gift
  • Valentine's Day DIY Gift
  • Valentine's Day DIY Gift
  • Valentine's Day DIY Gift