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Foods for Younger, Plumper Skin!

Eaten regularly these anti-aging, skin plumping foods are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that will make skin brighter and fight wrinkles.

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Watermelon - A miracle fruit! It's packed full of lycopene an antioxidant that defends against cell damaging radicals. Bonus, it has a sun protection factor of 3 and reduces inflammation.

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Pomegranates - Full of Vitamin C antioxidants that fight wrinkle causing free radicals. It also has a component called anthocyanin that boosts collagen production by preventing free radicals from damaging your skin tissue.

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Bell Peppers - Make sure they are very rip! Red and orange peppers are very high in Vitamin C as well as minerals A, C & K

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Maple Syrup - Obviously I'm talking the good, high quality stuff AND in moderation! Small amounts contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. FYI, in case you want to skip consuming the sugar try a mask! Mix 3 tbsp finely grounded oats, 1 tbsp warm milk, 1tbsp pure maple syrup, leave on for 20 min.

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Leafy Greens - No surprise that these are on the list, right? They contain the high powered antioxidant lutein, which helps boost skins hydration level and ward off wrinkles.

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Cherries - These guys contain 5 times as much melatonin as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Rich with antioxidants they help skin maintain a healthy pH level with its natural alkalin contents. Plus they rehydrate skin and regenerate skin cells making them ideal for lightening dark spots & fighting premature aging.