Pies, Pumpkins & Lattes

All good things must come to an end. This tried-and-true adage could not be a more accurate description of Fall.

Here in Canada we know how important it is to savor fall. Lately our summers have been so ridiculously humid that one cannot be outdoors unless half you're body is submerged in water. However, between the end of September until November we can get some truly spectacular autumn weather. Most of us make it a point to savor those sunny, crisp fall days, because before you know it, you're in the thick of our very long, bone-chilling winter.

  • Tiny Shop Bakery Copetown
  • Hanes Corn Maze

But lets not think of winter weather right now.

This weekend we had perfect fall weather. So on Sunday I knew I had to make the most out of it. We drove into Copetown which is a small little farmers town outside of the city. Here you will find all different farms that have set up their small shops or opened their crops to the people. The apple orchards were so busy so we skipped that since we have apple trees on our farm.

Our first stop was Hanes Corn Maze. It's main attraction is the massive corn maze they do every year, but I was on the hunt for pumpkins this time around. I always try to find smaller, family run pumpkin patches to avoid the crowds. This one had a great selection. Furthermore, the had the most adorable shop, called The Tiny Shop Bakery. All their baked goods are made on site and it smells so amazing inside that I ended up leaving with a tray of maple tarts, raisin buttermilk tea biscuits AND chocolate peanut butter squares....lord help me I have no will power when it comes to bakeries!

  • pumpkin patch fall
  • pumpkin patch fall farm
  • pumpkin patch fall farm
  • pumpkin patch fall farm

Next we stopped at the cutest road side stand by another local farm, that had a great selection of white pumpkins and baby-sized pumpkins. We also picked up some of their Cortland apples and called it a day.

Well I did pick up a pumpkin spiced latter first, and then called it a day. I might have overdosed on pumpkin but you gotta enjoy it before its gone!! Right?!