Resort Wear Essentials 2016

It's typical of us Canadians to be dreaming about warm summer days around this time. This is ridiculous of course, since our winters easily drag right out until April. But as temperatures plunge to the -30s it's essential for us to visualize sunnier days next to the pool enjoying cold drinks while the sun gently bakes our skin.


There are many aspects of this years resort wear that I love. I love the bold rich colors that will be at play this season. I love all the dynamic patterns that are being used to bring these colors together, from stripes to Ikat to chevron. But most of all I LOVE the focus on texture. From straw bags, to pompom laced dresses and shoes, crochet swimwear and lace dresses. It's basically the diametric opposite of these dark dreary winter months. I'm completely on board. Here are some of our favourite looks to get you in the right frame of mind....