Reusable, MAGNETIC, False lashes!!!

We've reached a make-up milestone. A beauty breakthrough that we have waited years, even decades, for. Reusable, magnetic, false eyelashes are about to change the beauty game in a big way.

False eye lashes as we have know them garner a bit of a love-hate relationship. We LOVE the way they make us look - widening our eyes and amplifying the sexiness. But we HATE putting them on - that glue, trying to line them up right on the lash-line only to mess up your make-up by trying-again-and-again. It's the worst.

This is why I love One Two Lash. There is no glue! No Mess! With it's patented magnetic technology you get lash extension in two second. And you can remove them just as easily. Basically there is a top lash and a bottom lash and they snap together, via their little magnets, over your own lash. To take them off you just pinch them with your thumb and index finger and slide your fingers in opposite directions unlatching the magnetic.

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Yes, it takes a little to get used to but I had it by the 4 or 5th try no problem. I got the "filler lash" set for when I want to add just a little extra and the "bold lash" (which is pictured in this post) for more formal occasions when I want a move dramatic eye.

So a couple of things, One Two Lash lashes sit from the middle to the end of your eye. They do not extend over your whole lash line. Therefore, for some girls they might not provide enough drama, but I was more than happy. I find they look very natural. My girlfriends kept doing a couple of double-takes before finally asking about my eyelashes; they are not as obvious in the way some fake lashes are.

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Here is a really quick video of me putting them on one eye. You can see how quick and zero mess it is. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest - I've never done a video before!