Runway Review: Spring/Summer 2016

In the fashion world designers and buyers are discussing Fall 2016 trends. But us, stuck in the dead of winter, are so not on that page. We're dreaming of hot summer days by the pool and warm nights by a bonfire. So with that, I leave you with some of my favourites from this years spring 2016 collections. These dreamy items take my mind to a place far far away....

black-lace .jpg
dng4 .jpg
dng7 copy.jpg
dng8 copy.jpg
d&g10 .jpg
dng5 .jpg
dng9 copy.jpg
dng1 .jpg
dng .jpg
zimmermann copy.jpg
milly4 copy.jpg
milly1 copy.jpg
milly copy.jpg
mill3 copy.jpg
ET3 copy.jpg
ES5 copy.jpg
ES2 copy.jpg
elie-tahari copy.jpg
calvin .jpg