Do It Yourself

Valentine's Day DIY Gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while you may think it's too late to make your partner something sweet and original- that is not the case.

Since Valentine's rides on the curtails of Christmas which inevitably results in giving a number of commercial gifts and some overspending I personally have always thought the best Valentine's gift is something homemade and sentimental.

This Valentine Flip-book can be done at after one quick trip to the dollar store, at home and under a few hours for less than $10.00! In fact you probably already have most of the supplies you'll need.

For the photoshoot:

  • Canon Rebel T3i – set on continuous shooting mode. Using a countdown also helps
  • Camera stand
  • 4 sheets of white 8 1/2 by 11″ paper to make the signs that you hold – I did mine in a Word document in pink writing (Page 1 – a Heat, Page 2- I, Page 3- Love, Page 4- You).
  • I choose to wear a red top and red lipstick in keeping with Valentines.
  • Make sure your camera is in the proper position before you start...